1984 Peterbilt 362 Cabover

362 Peterbilt with stretched frame and movers box on the back


I found what looked like a dream truck on the marketplace. I contacted the seller, went to the bank and jumped on a plane.

The person who posted the truck was a friend of a friend of the owner. The facts about the truck didn't match what she told me. Heartbreaker. The truck had tons of potential but I couldn't pull the trigger. Sadly I jetted back home. 

I kept searching for a big cab 362 with a Cat and Jake brakes. I couldn't get this one out of my mind.



Months passed and the truck traded hands. I was able to track down the new owner who was ready to sell. The box had been removed. A piece of sheet metal screwed to the back of the cab covering the hole used to climb into the box. The new seller was going to keep all the wheels. I rented a "Tow you Own" hook in Jacksonville FL and found a couple of wheels to put on the steer axle.


3406B Cat

The 3406 Cat fired right up with a new set of batteries.  The first steps of the restoration began, under the cab. Restoring the air filter canister, replacing all of the rubber and silicone hoses, oil and filter changes, coolant flush and replace, were the first steps. Of course I felt the need to clean and restore any parts that were removed before they were replaced. 



I always keep my eyes peeled for a great deal on a part I know I will eventually need. I found the correct sized truck cargo box in great shape at a greatly discounted price. The only problem was that it was in a pasture and it had been raining for a month. No tow company was willing to take the chance of getting stuck to pick it up. I crossed my fingers and locked in my 4x4 and got it myself. Even more savings for my company.



Since I bought the 362 with no wheels I get to choose what I want as replacements. 24.5 Alcoa with Peterbilt oval slots is the answer. Not easy to find at a discount price. I am patient, can look across the country, and I can ship them home with me. I am planning to get a little radical with this build and powdercoat the outer drive wheels purple candy to match the stripes I have planned.



An original style interior is what I'm planning with different materials. This is still in my mental planning stages. Stay tuned.