99.9% On time pick up and delivery.


When you book your load with Jungkuntz Unlimited Inc you can rest assured it will pick up and deliver on time. We have maintained 99.9% on time pick up and delivery since 1992. This is the only way we know how to do business. 

One call, that's all.


When you book with Jungkuntz Unlimited Inc you are communicating with the salesman, dispatcher, driver, maintenance, and accounting.  All aspects of our operations will approve of the conditions of your load and commit to perfect service.  

Clear communications and real time tracking.


If my product were traveling across the country in your trailer I would want tracking. Naturally we approve all smartphone gps tracking aps. Call the driver anytime if you have a question. 

Experienced professionals


Twenty five plus years of experience, well over two million safe miles. Transportation of your goods is not a pastime or hobby for us. We work to feed, and shelter our families and prepare for our retirement years. We cannot survive without your business.  Thank you.

No excuses


We don't like excuses for unfulfilled commitments. We know you don't like them either. The best way to never give an excuse is to consistently perform beyond expectations.  So that's what we do. NO BS.

Paperwork submitted before leaving the dock.


It is our policy to email or fax your documents as soon as the reciever hands them to the driver. Invoice,  signed rate con, lumper receipts, and signed BOLs together in one .pdf document. Once again we treat you the way we would like to be treated. 

Have a great day.