43 Car walk around

Here's my 1971 Dodge Charger 43 Petty tribute car. Let's Go Racing! I'm not speeding, I'm qualifying!

The 43 Petty tribute trys SCCA autocross for the 1st time.

For my 50th birthday we went SCCA auto crossing. My son Zack in one of his muscle car Honda's and Me and the "King". It was great fun.

The 43 car SCCA autocrossing

My 50th birthday was spent in Macon GA racing the clock between the cones. Great fun.

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Thanks AMS and all the fans.

Check out this great video

43 Tribute hits the high banks of AMS

Loaded up the Troop 162 Hampton GA Boy Scouts the 43 car hits the high banks of AMS for a few parade laps. 

43 Charger on a Parade lap AMS

My turn behind the wheel on a parade lap at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.