1968 Chevy Chevelle SS

This 68 SS belonged to my customers uncle. He remembers riding with him in it when he was younger. The body had rusty quarter panels and had not been driven in many years when my customer got ownership of it. The restoration of would include inspecting the 327 that was now between the fenders, starting it if possible. If the drive line was serviceable work would move on to the body and interior.A completely assembled engine bay is always a good sign. Missing or disassembled parts is a clue that there was a problem before it was parked. The plugs looked good, the cylinders built compression. The gas tank and fuel lines were flushed.With fresh oil, plugs and points the 327 fired up. 

Body repair

The quarter panels were by far the worst parts of this 68 SS. They both needed to be replaced with new sheet metal. The floor pans were replaced as well as the trunk pan. Once they were fit and welded into place the entire body was treated to PPG high build primer and then epoxy primer sealer. The entire interior was coated with a layer of Rust Bullet to prevent any more surface rust from developing.

PPG Shining Star Silver Metallic

The owner spec'ed PPG premium two stage Shining Star silver metallic paint with gloss black SS stripes. The silver was sprayed then the stripes were taped up and painted. All the tape and masking was removed and 3 coats of PPG universal clear were laid down.


 It turns out this 68 Chevelle SS had a 68 Buick Regal interior. The owner opted to recover the seats and door panels with  reproductions of the same reproduced in black vinyl.  

Final touches

This is an original 1968 Chevelle SS. It deserves to show off it's heritage. Originally a 396 cubic in car, the current 327 will keep it motivated till the larger engine comes around. The owner did have me add a positrac rear end carrier. The  new headers now send the exhaust fumes to outlets before the rear axle. The engine was treated with a fresh coat of Chevy orange.